Why Transworld?

A Single Alliance: a Multitude of Benefits

Sourcing from Asian manufacturers offers lucrative cost advantages to U.S. manufacturers. But to reap these benefits, you must negotiate an oftentimes convoluted maze of regulatory, language and cultural barriers. That's where Transworld steps in.

With our experienced international staff, extensive network of quality manufacturers and our direct import expertise, we can bring you all the advantages of Asian sourcing without the headaches sometimes associated with manufacturing overseas.

Quality Products, Optimum Price

When you source with Transworld, we leverage our extensive network of international resources and negotiate with suppliers who can ensure that the highest quality product is manufactured to your design specifications-on time at the lowest possible cost.

Skilled Guidance, Every Step of the Way

We are there every step of the way-helping you develop your global sourcing strategy. We work closely with you through every stage of product development, sourcing, manufacturing and packaging. And we strive to simplify the process by handling all the details for you-from regulatory requirements, document preparation, customs clearance and direct delivery.