10 Reasons

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1. Few companies can ignore the cost savings and economic advantages that
     global sourcing affords.
Transworld leverages our 25 years of experience in international sourcing and development along with our established network of Asian manufacturers to provide your company with a competitive advantage—allowing you to source the highest quality product on time at the lowest possible cost. A global sourcing strategy can save upwards of 10% to 40% compared to traditional sourcing approaches.
2. We help you develop your global sourcing strategy as you strive for greater efficiency in a crowded and competitive marketplace.
Developing a global sourcing strategy can help your company be more agile and better able to capitalize on emerging business opportunities. Using your target cost information, Transworld works diligently to select the right manufacturer that meets or beats your target cost while meeting your quality requirements.
3. We help you stay competitive with comprehensive new product development.
Our highly skilled Project Managers can help you develop proprietary products quickly and efficiently. With our experienced project oversight, Transworld provides comprehensive new product development, including quality control and engineering services. We respond quickly to design changes and product releases, and can provide prototype creation and tooling as well.
4. Quality assurance is of the utmost importance.
At Transworld, we are committed to ensuring your products or component parts are of the highest quality. Our internal quality assurance inspectors are highly trained engineers, so inspections are not just cosmetic. And we will work directly with your engineering department to determine the optimum product inspection plan.
5. We know global sourcing can present challenges. That’s why Transworld offers reliability.
Transworld earns your trust through our vast knowledge and impeccable customer service. As a full-service import service provider, we handle all the details to ensure there are no glitches in the production process. And we are flexible enough to provide country of origin delivery or a full-service door-to-door solution.
6. Transworld makes the process of manufacturing overseas simple, effective and hassle-free.
Different time zones. Cultural nuances. Language barriers. Our international staff of sourcing professionals eliminates problems inherent in the global sourcing process. We offer a full spectrum of services—from product development and design through production, customs clearance and delivery—and every step of process is handled smoothly and professionally.
7. You are assigned a dedicated U.S.-based Project Manager to handle your sourcing project.
We make international sourcing as easy as domestic by eliminating communication and cultural barriers. Our U.S.-based Project Managers deftly handle all the logistical details through every stage of product development, sourcing, manufacturing, quality inspection, customs clearance and delivery. Let Transworld act as an extension of your Buying Department—without the overhead burden of an import department.
8. We’ve got people. Don’t be saddled with a third-party import agent who operates in a vacuum halfway across the world.
We’re not a fly-by-night third-party broker. Our international staff are specialists in production control, manufactured engineering, factory development, quality control and logistics management. Our skilled Project Managers not only act as your liaison shepherding your project through every critical process, but they handle all communication—giving you a single point of contact.
9. Our company-owned overseas offices give us a global reach with a local presence.
Transworld is a full-service import service provider with company-owned offices staffed by our own employees in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. Our staff is on the ground in Asia to ensure quality oversight for your product or component part—on time at the lowest possible cost.
10. Transworld is C-TPAT validated—ensuring a more secure international supply chain.
We’re C-TPAT Tier II validated by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. This helps deter disruptions to your supply chain and safeguards your product from the factory floor to your warehouse. And Transworld goes the extra mile by using only C-TPAT member partners for shipping, offering yet another safeguard for your product delivery.