Building Global Relationships

[Guänxi = Relationships Are Key]

Guanxi-A central concept in Chinese society, "guanxi" is a network of contacts that can be called upon when something needs to be done.

Global Sourcing Versus Domestic

How can Transworld save my company money through Asian sourcing? The total landed (delivered to your door) cost per unit of your product or component part is typically lower than if the product was manufactured domestically. Because if it isn't, you know it isn't worth doing.

Savings will vary by the types of product being produced. In some industries, a 10% reduction in acquisition cost is a huge savings. While in other industries, a 40% or greater savings is attainable. Using your target cost information, Transworld works diligently to select the right factory that meets or beats your target cost while meeting your quality requirements.

And at Transworld, we understand that not all products should be sourced internationally. We can help guide you through the process of determining what products or component parts can be manufactured overseas to garner the most cost savings.

Sourcing Process

Transworld simplifies the international sourcing process by eliminating communication barriers. Our U.S.-based Project Managers act as your liaison shepherding your project through every critical process-from product development, sourcing, manufacturing, quality inspection, customs clearance to delivery-providing you with a single point of contact.